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ZippySaaS - a cloud-native boilerplate based on Serverless Framework lets you skip past setting up authentication and payments and start building your product today!

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What people say about the boilerplate

I'm so glad I found ZippySaaS! The boilerplate has everything you need to launch a subscription-based service. It has a great Stripe integration and user authentication. It saved me so much time and hassle. I was able to focus on building my core features instead of reinventing the wheel. ZippySaaS is easy to use and highly customizable. ZippySaaS is great if you're looking for a SaaS boilerplate that works out of the box!- Evdzhan Mustafa

ZippySaaS is awesome! It has everything you need to build your own web app fast and easy. I made a cool proof of concept in a few days with this boilerplate. It’s super customizable and support was great too. If you want to start a SaaS project, I’d definitely recommend it.- Iliya Dafchev

I've been really excited about all the AI tech and ChatGPT stuff that's been blowing up, and I got a SaaS idea I wanted to test out.
This boilerplate is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to create a beta version in less than a week.
ZippySaaS offers flexibility, scalability, and excellent support, making it a breeze to work with.
I highly recommend it for anyone looking to turn their SaaS ideas into a working product fast.
- Mitko Nikolov

Who is it for?

Non-technical Founders

If you have a dev team, ZippySaaS will enable them to save weeks get to coding the real product today


ZippySaaS provides a full-stack application with all the essentials set up - authentication, Stripe payments and infrastructure. You can now focus on architecting your product instead of setting up basics


Delight your clients by delivering high-quality projects faster. Especially suited for B2C SaaS projects!

About me

Hi, I'm Martin. I've worked as a software engineer and product manager for almost a decade. I've worked for both small companies and large corporations like JP Morgan and MasterCard. During this time I learned that the most high-performing teams deliver code fast so they can get real feedback from users.However, one thing that always stood out to me in the industry was how costly it can be to roll out new features and products. Setting up authentication, payments and building a good CI/CD pipeline and having it all secured for a production environment... These are not trivial things and they take time.My firm belief is it shouldn't be the case and we should have ways of delivering production-ready code in a manner of days, not weeks! This is why I decided to build ZippySaaS so that more people can benefit from high-quality application infrastructure.

Martin Zokov
Senior Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase


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How It Works?


ZippySaaS is a lightweight full-stack application. It has front-end built with best-in-class technologies like React, TypeScript and TailwindCSS.The backend is also based on TypeScript with the Serverless Framework to provide CI/CD features for easy deployments

Authentication and Payments

Most B2C SaaS products need authentication and paymentsAuthentication with email and social logins (Google, Facebook) is provided via AWS Cognito which has the best free tier of 50k monthly active users.Stripe is the go-to payments provider for many SaaS products. ZippySaaS provides integration for key webhooks to support a subscription model.

Get it now!

Buy now and get free onboarding and support and updates for the first 6 months

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